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Hi, I'm Sudhir Mitharwal. I am a Co-Founder and Software Engineer at Sembark. I read and write about software design patterns and development.

Here are some readings that may be of your interest :)

  1. Creating Minimalistic Developer Blog in Nextjs

    In this post, we will create a minimal blog website for a developer who likes to write blogs using markdown files with code snippets example

    28 Jan, 20205 min read
  2. Automatic Semantic Versioning and Releasing Applications

    Let's see how we can semantically version our application and automate the versioning and releases.

    15 Aug, 20199 min read
  3. API Documentation in Laravel and Lumen with Swagger

    Learn how we can integrate Swagger in our Laravel/Lumen application and easily document the apis

    10 Jul, 20198 min read
  4. Managing Multiple Terminals

    Learn basic tmux and we can be really fast when dealing with multiple terminal windows/tags

    20 Jan, 20195 min read
  5. Integrating git into our development workflow

    Lets learn how we can easily integrate git into out workflow using git hooks

    12 Oct, 20183 min read
  6. Managing SSH Logins

    Learn how we can manage our ssh credentials and use them with ease

    12 Aug, 20184 min read
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